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AI is starting to pick who gets laid off

This article is brought to you by: Pranshu Verma via, The Washington Post. entitled, "AI is starting to pick who gets laid off". Excerpt from article - "As layoffs ravage the tech industry, algorithms once used to help hire could now be deciding who gets cut“

Opinion: It does appear that A.I. will be used to evaluate an employees worth to a company. The argument seems to be centered around bias's that may be introduced into the algorith, such a persons age or ethnicity, when in reality there are an unlimited amount of biases, that can be programed into the algorithm. The main problem I see is the inherent corruption in all systmes of control. That is not to say, rules based norms are not needed, however the question will be, who makes the rules and will A.I. assist in making those rules. I think its time to pinch ourselves and ask if this is really happening... Yep its real.------patDog

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