Hope Cimb 2021

Hope Climb Assets take effect April 1st 2022

Below you will find the money that I presently owe to the HopeClimb Crypto Wallet. This is based upon my promise to give away or donate all of my possessions from March 31st, 2022 and back. My last payroll check in the amount of  1782.57 was split between March and April with 7 days payable to HopeClimb and 3 days payable to myself. The owed amount of $1,247.80 reflects this amount owed.

Also owed to HopeCimb, is the amount of 3,300.58, which were a number of bills that I paid from April 1st, 2022 to April 20th, 2022. Keep in mind that I had a credit of $534.78 for 3 days of labor that was paid to me and that was subtracted from all the payments… Enough of that….

Keep in mind that I may owe a lot more, because in some cases I will purchase some possession from HopeClimb rather than give them away or donate them. For example I intend to purchase the clothing that I am wearing from HopeClimb. More about that to come, but keep in mind my promise “TO GIVE AWAY ALL MY AQUIRED MONEY AND POSSESSIONS FROM MARCH 31, 2022 and back. I still have a long way to go, but I’ve got a good start.

UPDATE April 24th, 2022.. Deposited $300.00 to coinbase for processing and $200.00 to TD Ameritrade. Bringing my owed amount to $2,800.58….

UPDATE May 21th, 2022.. Deposited $300.00 to coinbase for processing. Bringing my owed amount to $2,500.58….

UPDATE June 3rd, 2022.. Deposited $300.00 to Bitstamp for processing. Bringing my owed amount to $2,200.58….

OK, This is it… Patrick O’Neal is going for broke and will be donating all of his crypto assets to HopeClimb… The goal of which will be to create an atmosphere of giving and “hopefully” allow for a fund that will finance an effort to help people in need. Or anyone else for that matter..

Here is a list of the crypto asset that are dedicated to HopeClimbs efforts.

Also: I am dedicating my TD Ameritrade account holding to some long lost family members. The approxite value of which is 10,000… This is a bit of a sore spot, because I lost about 20,000 and only have 10,000 left…This fund will be added to by myself and will allow me to provide a fund for these these loved ones. UPDATE May 21st, 2022.. Account continues to loose money… Down to $8,000….

HopeClimb Assets are invested for the purpose of the Hopeclimbs future ambition to provide free to low cost service and repair to people in need or any else for that matter.

I am no longer listing the total value, due to turbulent market conditions. I need to add an interactive  portfolio sheet, to clearly reflect change in crypto values. I would like to hire someone for this, so if you want to make some extra money, please, contact me at poneal310@msn.com

WARNING: The crypto assets listed below are in no way guaranteed to increase in value and are not meant to be copied. They are just purchases that I made in the last year and I suggest anyone investing in crypto's to do your research. Some of the these crypto's are highly risky..

Paypal Business Account increased to $470.36, as of June 4th, 2022….. Thank you to the warm and generous donations.. Your contributions will go toward helping those in need and others as well.. 

USD — 470.36

Coinbase Commerce Account (Coins Held as of Aril 27, 2022) (No Change)

USDC — 45.00 stable coins

LTC — 0.02 coins

Bitstamp Crypto Exchange (Coins Held as of Aril 27, 2022) (No Change)

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) — 2,550 coins

Curve (CRV) — 75 coins

My Icon Wallet (Coins Held as of Aril 27, 2022) (Slightly Up)

Icon (ICX) — 3770 coins

Algo Wallet (Coins Held as of Aril 27, 2022) (No Change)

Algorand (ALGO) — 1,496.22 coins

Kraken (Coins Held as of Aril 27, 2022) (No Change)

Ethereum (ETH) — 0.08556

Siacoin (SC) —  4,750

Tether (USDT) — 44.83

US Dollar (USD)  —  0.13

Crypto.com (Coins Held as of Aril 27, 2022) (Slight Change)

Cronos (CRO) — 1,000 coins

VVS Finance (VVS)  — 16,500,000 coins

Techtonic (TONIC) —  400,000,000 coins

Tether (USDT)  —  37.88 stable coins

Siacoin (SC) — 25,000 coins

Request (REQ) — 1,000 coins

VeChain (VET) — 3,000 coins

USD Coin (USDC) — 6.11 stable coins

SafePal Wallet (Coins Held as of Aril 27, 2022) (No Change)

Nervous (CKB)   — 101,199.39 coins

Solana (SOL)  —  3.98 coins

Shiba (SHIB)  —  17,037,410 coins

YokaiSwap (YOK)  —  4,804 coins

Zignally (ZIG)  —  6,827 coins

Binance (BNB)  —  0.66 coins

Matic (MATIC) —  169 coins

DogElon (ELON) —  217,000,001 coins

Starlink (STARL) —  9,969,805 coins

Nexo (NEXO) —  72.28 coins

Doge (DOGE) —  996 coins

Ethereum (ETH) —  0.02584937 coins

Star Atlas (ATLAS) —  2,135 coins

Tron (TRX) —  963 coins

USD Coin (USDC)  —  54 stable coins

Radio Caca (RACA) —  4,751 coins

Wall Street Games (WSG) —  297,358,197 coins

Chicks (CHICKS) —  1 coins

Other Un-named (?) —  1,264,928.9 coins

MEXC Crypto Exchange (Coins Held as of Aril 27, 2022) (Adding Coins)

MX Token (MX) — 50 coins

Tether (USDT)  — 1.5 stable coins

Avalanche (AVAX) — 1 coin

Tron (TRX) — 186 coins

Stellar (AVAX) — 102 coins

Loopring (LRC) — 20 coins

Reserve Rights (RSR) — 12,000 coins

Polkastarter (POLS) — 145 coins

Melon (MLN) — 1 coin

Harmony (ONE) — 500 coins

Tomo Chain (TOMO) — 20 coins

Algorand (ALGO) — 61 coins

TrufiToken (TRU) — 1100 coins

Juggernaut DeFi (JGN) — 300 coins

Rarible (RARI) — 10 coins

Hopr Token (HOPR) — 1,573 coins

Bakery (BAKE) — 190 coins

Sensorium (SENSO) — 140 coins

Radio Caca (RACA) — 119,546.39 coins

ZigCoin (ZIG) — 7,000 coins

Coin98 (C98) — 100 coins

Shiden (SDN) — 166 coins

Star Atlas (ATLAS) — 13,273 coins

StarLink (STARL) — 19,800,000 coins

Immutable X (IMX) — 10 coins

Monsta Infinite (MONI) — 100 coins

Genopets (GENE) — 2 coins

Cere Network (CERE) — 1000 coins

Wilder World (WILD) — 180 coins

Kilt (KILT) — 20 coins

Biconomy (BICO) — 100 coins

Sol Chicks (CHICKS)  —  13,000 coins

EverRise (RISE)  —  38,333 coins

Ocean Protocal (OCEAN)  —  192 coins

Toko Token (TKO) — 150 coins

RFOX (RFOX) — 1,800 coins

Ellipsis X (EPX) — 88,000 coins

Celcius Crypto Exchange (Coins Held as of Aril 27, 2022) (No Change)

This account is dormant…..

Coinbase Crypto Exchange (Coins Held as of Aril 27, 2022) (This account is used to deposit)

US Dollar (USD)  —  Less than one dollar