Hope Cimb 2021

The Journey of Hope Climb was born from my concerns that we (the American people and world community at large) are approaching a tumultuous time in our history. I believe we are witnessing world changing events, that have the potential to further divide and disrupt an already polarized people. My hope is simply to give all I can to help spur cooperative action groups, that are willing to give all it takes when called to action. I am therefore compelled to act upon my convictions and follow a plan of action that includes donating all of my excess of worldly possessions to a world audience and growing a charitable organization that seeks to provide assistance to people of need. This I hope will spur and encourage others to seek from within their hearts and ask themselves; what can I do? Of course, it wouldn’t be fair, not disclose, that I am by no means a role model and I should not be seen as anything other than, a piece in the puzzle of our era.

The resolution to donate all of my possessions has introduced complications related to shipping and the participants involved. My intention is to donate to an international audience, however shipping costs are a presently in question.  Technology has made this effort more feasible that at any time in past, however technological as well as pollical roadblocks lie ahead. Hope Climb is focused on resolving these issues and is presently seeking assistance resolving these difficulties. The plan of action to begin donations, will begin with the Siver Donations, which are scheduled for May 1st, 2021. I believe this level of donation is entirely feasible, due to the size and weight of the items shipped. This first attempt will be a practice run and will be followed (I hope) by a intact process of choosing the winner and shipping the item out as quickly as possib