Hope Cimb 2021

HopeClimb Giveaway resumes and is to be completed by years end. Starts April 1st, 2024. Giveaway Items include tool chest, Jackhammer, Ford Van and more... Keep on the lookout for upcoming video.

The Hope Climb December Give Away, included a complete compter system build, with all the components to build a custom quiet/efficient P.C.. After the final drawing was completed and the computer build was given away, I decided to build the computer myself and then give it to the winner. My reasoning was that the winner was not able to build it themselves and I wanted to make sure it was intact and ready to use. Please watch this complete computer build, including all components and operating system.

Hope Climb Presents: DIY Computer Build Project.

Here is a Tutorial For Installation Of A Starter For A 1991 Toyota 4Runner 4x4

Swamp Cooler Service:
Mastercool MCP44

Oil Cooler Hose Repair on 1991 Toyota 4 Runner

Single Pane Glass Installation Video

Swamp Cooler Installation in 29 Palms..

Installing spark plugs on 2010 Ford E150 Van..

I Put Together a video of my guitar being repaired and a tribute to Ronnie Dunn's "Bleed Red"

HopeClimb Launch 01-01-2021

HopeClimb Project #1

This project was choosen, due to the amazing efforts in behalf of animals by a very special lady who has spent many years caring for dogs and cats. Along the way, she met a homeless woman at a local animal group and opened her home to help the women with her 15 cats. The situation became progressivley worse as the years went on and the cats doubled in size. Finally Judy of SCT retrievers was forced to ask the person to leave. Judy was then tasked with caring for the remaining cats, which was 15. Judy never gave up on the cats and made sure that they recieved medical attention, proper homes for a few, and cat sanctuaries for the rest. The cat sanctuaries that recieved the cats are: 

1) Viva in Lompac   https://www.vivashelter.org/

2) C.A.T.S. (commited allinace to strays) in Oregon   http://www.kittensandcats.org/

And most importantly, the lady who  cared for our four legged friends is Judy from SCT Retrievers. You can view her work at:

1) http://www.adoptapet.com/shelter86070-pets.html


2) https://www.petfinder.com/search/pets-for-adoption/?shelter_id%5B0%5D=CA2162&sort%5B0%5D=recently_added

Hopeclimb project #2

This door install was done on a very tight budget, with the door being replaced but not the door jamb. The work was done in support to help a member of the group who helped on project #1.

Hopeclimb project #3

This project was in support of a local mobile home park in 29 Palms, Ca.

First Food Donations Today 04-07-21..

These items have not be listed on the food donation page yet, however they were provided to a family in 29 Palms that were in need.

Finding ways to give back.

This video shows construction of shelving units that will be used for giving back to the community. The first items that will be placed there are of his dearly departed mothers pottery items.

One Step At A Time


In Memory of Mary O’Neal – May my mothers spirit of giving, love of music and kindness be my guiding light !