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Google’s AI Robot TERRIFIES Officials Before It Was Quickly Shut Down

This Vidio is brought to you by Lab 360, Dated: February 21st, 2023. Entitled: " Google's AI Robot TERRIFIES Officials Before It Was Quickly Shut Down". -Excerpt From Article: - "The Ai found that the tracks actually belonged to the more docile, plant eating Ornithischian's"

Opinion: The age of the autonomous robot is approaching and we as a human civilization should prepare for its arrival. The only question now is, will these autonomous robots, become uncontrollable. This is no longer science fiction and will fast become part of the world we live in. Unleased we have foreknowledge and can anticipate the befits as well as the consequences. I would recommend watching the animated move called "The Animatrix" if you want to know what long term consequence may be in store. The animated movie is obviously a worst case scenario and should be considered hypothetical in nature, however the general premises is plausible.----patDog

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