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WEF’s Klaus Schwab Calls For Globalist Mastery Over AI

This article and videos are brought to you by: Technocracy News and Trends, entitled, "WEF’s Klaus Schwab Calls For Globalist Mastery Over AI". Excerpt from article -“Who masters those technologies – in some way – will be the master of the world.”

One is to assume that this technology will be controlled by a select few and used to control the spread of information and knowledge and the other is to assume there will be many competing groups that will provide decentralized and varied chat bots that seek to provide different perspectives. The opinion I seek to convey here, is not intended to dig into the dangers of machines/robots and their potential to control dialogue and direction of humanity. That is a different discussion entirely, and therefore this post will focus specifically at comments made by Klaus Schwab, given his concerns that this technology needs to be “mastered”. The question that I have is, what does Klaus Schwab mean by the term “master” and how the technology can be used for the benefit of all.  I could crack a joke here but I’m not going to, because it would be vulgar, but the thought did come to mind. The use of the word “master”, by Klaus Schwab, may or may not be bad. I’m not the word police here, so I will give him the “benefit of the doubt”, however “master” is generally associated with a sub class or as history will account, a slave class. That doesn’t mean getting a “master’s degree” from a university is considered a negative term, so again I am not so much focused on the word “master”, but rather how the technology may evolve and be used for the benefit off all and not just one class of controllers. I can see why Klaus Schwab would be concerned about those who “master” this technology, due to it’s potential to spread varied opinions, facts and perspectives. Think of it this way, we have the main stream narrative, that continually tries to control the information that is published, including historical events and daily life for the earths inhabitants.  And then we have a developing alternative media that provides many different perspectives and at times challenges the main stream narrative. A chat bot modeled from the main stream narrative will be in competition with a chat bot that provides an alternative narrative. Going further; if a developer were to model a chat bot, based upon the main stream news perspective and a generally accepted historical analysis, we would have a very tightly controlled perspective of the world. However, if a developer were to model a chat bot based upon Klaus Swab’s perspective, that would be a very interesting chat bot. A developer could take all of the speeches made by Klaus Swab, then it could theoretically model a chat bot the resembles the world view and concepts that he believes in.  Then theoretically a developer can take the posts that I have submitted on my web site and create a chat bot that resembles my own perspectives and I will say biases (because we all have biases). Now digging a little further; if the developer new intricate details about someone’s personal life and their own experiences; they may be capable of creating a chat bot, that will “discuss” a more broad set of ideas. What do I mean about “discussion”?. Well, your going to be having a discussion with the chat bot, if the full realization of this technology is experienced. Now think of it; Your having a discussion with a chat bot that resembles my own perspectives and biases, vs. the perspectives and biases of Klaus Schwab. Are you concerned or fascinated, by the idea?. Whatever your answer is, just understand, that it’s really here. The “masters” will seek to control it, however there will be huge competition as developers seek to create chat bots that resemble many different perspectives and biases. Chat bots that seek to replicate individual personalities may have the potential to provide a “wrench in the gear”, for those who seek to “master” it, however you can count on big money, being at the lead. Information is critical to control, and they know it!. I’m not saying this technology will be easy to implement for the developers that seek to disrupt the controllers, however, I have full faith that, we will have thousands of different chat bots that will provide different ideas, perspectives and most importantly “historical analysis”. So, as I said at the beginning of this post, I am not focusing on the dangers of of this technology, but it should be evident that when the technology is perfected, we may be presented with a life like computer controlled image of ourselves. Take a look at the Movie “Time Machine” to get a better idea of what I’m talking about. Are you concerned?, Well there’s no stopping it, because when one group wants to be the “master”, the servants will want a “piece of the pie”; or rather competition will drive the momentum forward.——patDog

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