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Video: Feds Were ALL OVER The Capitol On January 6!

This story Is brought to you by: The Jimmy Doore Show, Dated: March 10rd, 2023. Entitled: "Video: Feds Were ALL OVER The Capitol On January 6!". Excerpt from video: "They do this all the time, this what they do".

Opinion: The definition of psychological manipulation as defined by Wikipedia is: "In psychology, manipulation is defined as subterfuge designed to influence or control another,". Furthermore, the definition of "Subterfuge" as defined by the Cambridge Dictionary is: a trick or a dishonest way of achieving something. So the question is: Was there an agenda to influence or control a narrative based upon dishonest actions by federal operatives? I can't answer that question with absolute certainty but one thing I can say, is that our democracy is at stake if we don't find out! .----patDog

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