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Russia Has Launched a Barrage Of Its ‘Invincible’ Hypersonic Missiles Into Ukraine

This article is brought to you by Matthew Gault Via, Vice News: Dated: March 10th, 2023, Entitled, "'Russia Has Launched a Barrage Of Its ‘Invincible’ Hypersonic Missiles Into Ukraine". Excerpt from article: "Militaries across the planet are developing hypersonic weapons"

Opinion: The article by Vice News should provide you with a general picture of a recent attack by Russia, inside of Ukraine. The article also discusses the capabilities of hypersonic missiles and the countries that have them in their arsenal, (USA & China)..The article however does not go into a lot of detail, with regard to the personal suffering on the ground. Question: Is this what it all comes down to ladies and gentlemen, who's got the fastest missile that can wipe out all life on the planet earth, in a matter of minutes? You all do realize that these missiles can be nuclear capable, I'm sure. Yes, as we try to enjoy ourselves and think not of what will become of it all , let us not forget that playing with fire, like a child fascinated by a pack of matches, leads to sirens. Off course, the previous statement is an oversimplification of what drives us to create more deadly and sophisticated weaponry and that, it is in truth derived from a system of military and political superiority that originates from multiple avenues. First and foremost being each individuals efforts to protect themselves from their enemy. Secondly, a group of people or nations who acquire the needed social norms to combine their efforts and create a security apparatus. Thirdly, the use of this acquired security apparatus to protect their interests at home and abroad. And finally the realized or unrealized profit that is acquired by this establishment. The point here is not to deny reality as we know it, but rather to recognize another component of this social construct. That being, the fascination with military armaments. Just as the child, who strikes his first match, is overtaken with exhilaration and then burns the whole book of matches, in awe of the power contained. This can be considered an analogy of the excitement when the first hypersonic missile is launched and then the book of matches is lit. According to information taken from "Universe Today", the distance around the earth is approximately 25,000 miles. If we were to take the speed of Mach 10, which according to convertunits.com, is 2.11 miles per second and then divide the distance around the earth by it, we would get a time of approximately 197 minutes. That's not to say a hypersonic missile can achieve this today, but rather to provide an idea of the general speed of Mach 10.

So in conclusion, lets suppose we took this same fascination with the creation military armaments and pursue the exploration of better living conditions on the planet earth today and create the needed environment, that will allow us to to venture into space?

NOTE: This opinion today is meant to distract from the suffering of the peoples of Ukraine or Russia, or Europe in general, but rather to allow a minute to reflect on the high tech weaponry that is being introduced on the world stage..--patDog

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