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Tucker Carlson: There is no justification for this

THIS ARTICLE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Tucker Carlson of Fox News, Dated March 7th, 2023, ENTITLED: "Tucker Carlson: There is no justification for this". - Excerpt from video: "We felt it was a public service to bring what we could to you"

Opinion: As a society in turmoil, we yearn for the hidden truths that are kept from our eyes. Transparency is considered valuable for all groups, regardless of political affiliation. When political leaders attempt to conceal the truth, we all suffer, due to a repeating cycle that perpetually repeats itself. There are many examples that can be cited to display this time honored tradition of deception and it will be seen on all sides of the political spectrum, however when a chance arrives to illuminate the hidden, we should celebrate, because we know have the opportunity to learn what would otherwise be redacted to history...patDog

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