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Emanuel Pastreich, Discussing “How the Super-Rich Destroy Our Minds”

This story is brought to you by Global Research and dated February 6th, 2023. According to Mr. Emanuel Pastreich, The tools they use to pursue this war against the citizens of the Earth are technology, propaganda and disinformation campaigns, threats against individuals who display leadership skills and massive bribes for the leaders who are allowed to be covered in the media to represent the conservative and the progressive causes".

Opinion: The video and transcript presented, discusses the fundamentals of hypnosis and details about how the brain functions. Very informative and worth a watch. Also, according to the article, Emanuel Pastreich is an interdependent candidate for the US president. I don't know a lot about him , but I found a substack which highlights some of his positions. (Link Above) - Should be an informative read. ------patDog

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