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Scott Ritter: Life Will Come to an End (VIDEO No Longer Available on youtube)

This video is brought to you by Battle Ground Peace, Dated: February 28, 2023, Entitled, "Scott Ritter: Life Will Come to an End". - Excerpt from video: "You Call It A Game Like The Superbowl"

Opinion: Many different opinions are held regarding the war in Ukraine and war in general, so each persons opinion is as good as another's. However there is one thing that most of us, may be able to agree upon and that is; Breathing fresh air is good!. In its simplest form, a world that is inhabitable is preferable to a world who's atmosphere has been poisoned by the effects of a nuclear war. Don't think it will happen? You may just want to look in the mirror and ask yourself, if someone attacked you with nuclear weapons, would you support an equal response? I want to remind everyone that if a nuclear war breaks out, it will not be the first time these types of weapons have been used upon civilian populations.------patDog

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