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Robert Kennedy Jr, discussing the Milgram Experiment. *With added links to “The Push”, a NETFLIX Presentation

This Twitter feed is brought to you by Citizen Free Press, dated, February 1st, 2023 and features a vidoe by Robert Kennedy Jr., discussing amongth other things, an Expirement that was performed by Yale University in the 60's. The expirament was called the Milgram Expirament, in which the goal of the experiment was to study peoples compliance, when intructed to administer electric shocks to a person who answered questions incorrectly. the person recieving the electric shocks was an actor, who not harmed in any way, however the person admistering the electric shocks, was under the impression that the entire experiment was real.

The next video is found on NETFLIX, so if you don't have a NETFLIX account, you can watch the official trailer to get an idea of its content. In general its about a group of people who are manipulated into acting in ways that they would not otherwise do, under normal conditions. Its called "the push", and even though many people may find the contents dissagreable, it does provide a glimpse into peoples behavior when under extreme manipulation and pressure.

Opinion: I think the video by Robert Kennedy is useful in understanding how systems of control function, however my main goal was to provide examples of how each on of us can be manipulated, by sophitacted means. It's really not about, whether you can or will be manipulated, it's about whether or not you will go along with it, if/when it occures.------patDog

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