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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called on the U.S. to find a peaceful resolution to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This article and Video are brought to you by: The Federalist, dated March 14, 2023, Entitled, Ron DeSantis Calls For De-escalation In Ukraine: ‘Peace Should Be The Objective’. Excerpt from article: "Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called on the U.S. to find a peaceful resolution to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine."

Opinion: Ron DeSantis, responding to a list of questions provided by Tucker Carlson, has provided a clear understanding, as to his opinions on how the United States should proceed in its involvement with the ongoing war between Russian and Ukraine. He proposes to pursue a policy of de-escalation, with an emphasis on finding a peaceful resolution. He has noted many concerns with regards to our own domestic emergencies, such as securing the border, the fentanyl crisis and pursuing energy security for the country. The response to his position by pro-war advocates is both predictable and expected, given their ultimate objective to defeat Russia and/or gain a stronger footing on the ground. 

ONE problem that I see with this expanding war, is that the ultimate costs cannot be predicted and can in fact do more harm than good. It’s almost as if the pro-war side is attempting to relive a battle from a pre nuclear age. The consequences of something going wrong have the potential to destroy the planet. I will provide just one scenario that will hopefully make clear my argument. 

Let’s suppose some rogue group decides that they want to step this war up a notch and detonates a biological, chemical, nuclear or other such destructive weapon on one side of the conflict. Now, when I say “one side of the conflict”, I am referring to multiple different countries, because there are in fact two very distinct sides in this battle. But to get back to the point; what I am referring to hear is a false flag event, in which a group of manipulators orchestrate an attack, with the intention to make it look like it came from the other side. The intention of a false flag is to create the illusion that the other side committed a heinous act and should be punished for it. This method of war has been used many times throughout history. An good reference to learn more is: 53 Admitted False Flag Attacks. “Not Conspiracy Theory … Admitted Fact”, by Global Research.  But, now take that to the next level and say a dirty nuclear bomb is used, and all hell breaks out!. We are playing with fire.

Now I think its time to re-evaluate our objectives and re-consider the consequences of pursuing this insane march towards Armageddon. We need leaders who are reasonable and willing to go against the grain at times. I believe Ron DeSantis is displaying this much needed characteristic when we need it most.

This in no way should be taken to diminish the real grievances that exist between the waring parties, and/or the suffering experienced on all sides. It is instead a call to dialogue and a peaceful solution to a potential catastrophe..–patDog

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