Hope Cimb 2021

Silver Give Away Disclaimer Page.


  • The Silver will be shipped by myself at a maximum cost of $100.00 Dollars. That means, that if your country has some kind of extremely costly shipping requirements, than you will need to make up the remainder of the costs for shipping. If you are not able help with shipping or you choose not to assist with the added shipping costs, I will launch a go-fund me or other means to raise funds and upon recieving the needed funds, the Silver will be shipped.  The shipping costs will include the insurance that will be purchased to replace the item if lost, stolden or damaged in shipping.
  • You must be able to fill out the entry form (powered by Gleam).
  • You must be able to accept one 10oz Siver Bar, With Unique Serial Number.
  • You must have a shippable mailing adress and be able to sign your signature or other means of verification to accept the silver bar. If you are not able to verify yourself for shipping purposes, than you should not enter.. No exceptions will be allowed. If this Silver bar is sent to you and then it is returned, because you did not or could not pick it up, then you will be contacted and other means will be decided upon. In the event shipping is not possile than you can pick it up in person. In the event that there is no way to get you the silver, then the silver bar will be added to a future give away. No Exceptions!
  • In the event that the silver is lost, damaged or stolden, the insurance will be activated and you will recieve the proceeds from the claim.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: You must view Hopeclimb.org on the day of giveaway and take note of a verication number that I will place clearly on the home page. This verification number will be proof that you are able to access my site and that you are a real human being. I will then reach out to the winner through email and they must, provide the verification number posted on my site. No Exceptions Please! If I reach out to you and you cannot provide me with the verification number, I will not be resonsible for shipping the silver. If for some reason your internet is down or you are in a country that is experiencing censorship, than I will work with you on that, however the process will be delayed  because of the issue.
  • There are no country restrictions, however in the event that your country does not not allow me to ship the bar or my country has restriction in place, than you and I will need to find another way of delivering the bar, which may include shipping to another location.
  • There is an age restriction. You must be unleased 13 years old to enter drawing.  If you are under 18, I will request that your parents be involved with all communications. 
  • VERY IMPORTANT. Your email will be used to very the winner of the giveaway.. I am running a completley tranparent site and I will be not hide your email from anyone who views the giveaway. Also, I may at my own discretion choose to publish any coorespandance between us, however I will first ask your permission.
  • I will not require you to video tape or otherwise show you likeness, due to safety.
  • I will not publish your mailing address, unless in the event that fraud is suspected.
  • Please, if you win any silver giveaway, do not enter again and allow someone else to win.. Thank you
  • Thats it.. i’m giving away this silver in an effort to help create an atmosphere of giving back. My hope is that we (the human race) can accept our shortcomming’s and accept the fact that we are essentially the same and that our own life experiences have made us who we are. We will never completly agree, however we should understand that each persons understanding of reality is largely formed by their unique life experience.