Hope Cimb 2021

HopeClimb Estate Give Away

The goal of HopeClimb Estate giveaway is to contribute material possestions that have been aquired by its founder Patrick O’Neal, to people in need. The ultimate message being, that each one of us has something to contribute to our fractured world and each persons contribution will be unique in some way. Some will be successful business people who employ lots of people, while others will grow and nurture successful families. And some will work hard and become well respected community members, while others will learn a trade and be good at what they do. But some will fall and struggle for a lifetime. No matter where any of us have landed in this crazy world, each one of us will effect another persons life. It is for each of us to decide how best to control that outcome. Therefore it is my intention to reach out from under that bus, and grab the leg of the a-hole stomping on my face and kindly convince him that life under the bus isnt so bad and that there are plenty of lessons to learn down there. For example, one can get used to the constant struggle for life and find the strength to cling on for as long as it takes to reach the end of the days destination, where the bus driver departs and tosses what he has to give out of compassion and appreciation for the courage and strength of those that reside in that mechanical underworld. You see beacuase the bus driver knows something, he knows that these are no lazy passengers, but instead they find joy in doing minor and major repairs to the underside of the bust as needed and required. You see, no matter where you are, you can find strength in knowing that you are needed. So give it all, if you can and be all that you can be, wherever you find yourself.


My statement is this: The time to act is now. Sure I felt like the destination fo success was achievale and that I could then reach out to help others. But that is not in the cards and I am reaching now. I will not wait until all of lifes complications are brought under control, but instead move forward with help and assistance, in the way I feel best suited. That is in giving all of my my worldly possetion away with the exceoption of some personal items. 

So God Bless you all and may you find your own personal destination.


Patrick O’Neal